Geneia’s @Home remote patient monitoring program, is a 24x7x365 solution that helps chronically ill and at-risk patients and their care team better understand, monitor and manage their health.

Geneia’s pilot program, conducted between January 2015 and February 2016, demonstrated positive outcomes related to disease progression, hospitalizations, cost and patient satisfaction. The program yielded a savings of $8,375 per monitored patient per year, which, for a typical one-million-member health plan could translate into about $1.1 million saved per year.


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The @Home remote patient monitoring program is an important and successful component of a robust and comprehensive case management strategy at Capital BlueCross. Not only is chronic disease expensive, difficult to manage and a drain on our healthcare system, but it also takes a toll on patients and families, decreasing their quality of life and often leading to an accelerated transition out of the home and into facility-based care. The results of the pilot program are promising. We are confident that more of our seniors struggling with chronic disease will benefit from this technology and, together with their provider and the case management team at Geneia, learn to better understand and manage their chronic conditions and continue to live full and independent lives in their own homes.

~ Dr. Jennifer Chambers, Chief Medical Officer, Geneia

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